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Website Design and Development


uServe provides the right channel for all data-inclined organisations to enable easier and remote control of their data and wireless resources. They do that by connecting business assets with the proper and genuine real-time data they can control and manage remotely.


All platforms

Target Users

Businesses in Oil & Gas, Agriculture,  Food & Beverages, Retail, Security, Electricity, and healthcare.

Stack/Technology Used

Next.js & Tailwindcss


  • Ui/Ux Design
  • Website Development

The Challenge

The only difficulty during the execution of this project was the tight deadline. The time delivery conflicted with the timeline of other projects we were working on. We additionally had some continuous decision-making setbacks in the choice of brand color combination. Finally, we invested more time in doing research to provide the right content that is specific to the business context.

The Solution

We transformed the existing website of uServe into a more intriguing website that can be accessed in milliseconds. The beautiful interface allows easy navigation of the tabs and ensures that users achieve a great experience while visiting the website. We utilised our team-bonding spirit and unmatched engineering skills to build the website in such a short timeframe. Our project managers facilitated the easy collaboration and sharing of assets between the uServe team and our development team. We also immersed our creative-thinking abilities to curate bespoke content that explains the services of the uServe company.


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