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Websites & Digital Platforms


AnyWorkX is an online mobile-based platform that provides a solution for everyone who needs a trusted, professional and experienced artisan as fast as possible based on their geo-location.


Android and iOS

Target Users

Service providers, and users requesting services.

Stack/Technology Used

TypeScript, React, Flutter, NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis, MariaDB.


  • Website
  • Admin Web App
  • User Web App
  • Mobile Apps ( Customer and Vendor App)

The Challenge

One of the major problems encountered in building this project was getting enough information on the kind of services offered by artisans. We further encountered a minor setback in the implementation of a live geographical location. The architecture of the app was also complex because we needed to build the infrastructures for both user's app and the artisan's app. Finally, we had continuous trouble connecting in real-time, the activities on the user app and the activities on the artisan app.

The Solution

We built a platform that enabled real-time communication between artisans and users. Users could book requests for a service and the artisans accept the booking requests instantly. We implemented the geographical location feature to allow users to locate and keep track of trusted and proficient artisans around their vicinity. We however implemented a verified wallet feature that guarantees a safe and secured payment method ensuring smooth transactions between users and artisans.


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