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Stitchvine is a power-packed tool to help upscale fashion businesses - organize customers’ clothing details, document orders, set a reminder & fix a working timeline, create customized invoices & receipts and manage fabrics catalogs.


Android and iOS

Target Users

Fashion designers, illustrators, schools, vendors, and other fashion enthusiasts.

Stack/Technology Used

TypeScript, React, Flutter, NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis, MariaDB.


  • Branding
  • Website
  • Admin Web App
  • User Web App
  • Mobile App

The Challenge

In the process of building a working app that would serve as a relief to fashion designers, we needed to understand what their relevant problems were and how best to solve them. After conducting extensive research, we realized that measurements and fabric mixups, disorderly working environment, and mismanagement of time were the major problems faced. We had huge obstacles with the app architecture to obtain the desired results.

The Solution

We put together a team of competent designers and committed developers for the project. We started by building a platform that enabled fashion designers to automate all basic problems related to the art of fashion designing. We implemented a fabric catalog to prevent fabric mix-up and a fashion portfolio that would help users create a good impression for customers. We also included a feature that would help keep track of time and also enable users to deliver their customer's fabrics on time.


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